Hello, Im Nick;
A UX Designer based in Clitheroe.

I currently lead an experience team for a digital consultancy called Gravity9 working within industries including House Rentals, Health and Telecoms.

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b. About Me

Development Background

My background in Development and Design provides me with the natural empathy to collaborate and work closely with Engineering teams to implement designs driven by a range of User Experience Research.

Living Design Systems

Experienced in implementing and managing living design systems across a range of software product suites to bridge the gap between user interfaces and prototyping to improve the user experience.

Lead UX Teams

I have a range of management skills to effectively to help collaborate, scale, run and mentor teams of designers with a focus on championing user experience across the business.
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C. Work

Story Of A Manufacturer

Research, B2B2C

A continuous discovery study to get a uniform view of the customer journey for Manufacturers across the business touch points to allow for an increased understanding of the journey to inform change initiatives within the business as part of a digital transformation.
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Supply Period Redesign

Product Design, Research, User Testing, B2B, SasS

This project was focused on moving a legacy enterprise application used widely in the energy industry to a modern tech stack whilst capitalising on opportunities for improvement across the product.
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Interior Design, Design

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